Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Interpretations of the MCT Constitution

Interpretation No. 1-80
Powers Possessed by Tribal Government

Interpretation No. 2-80
Authority to Establish Tribal Court System

Interpretation No. 3-81
Contracting and administering educational programs limiting benefits to children of 1/4 or more Indian blood

Interpretation No. 4-81
Authority and power to interpret the Constitution

Interpretation No. 5-84
Definition of "majority or eligible votes cast." (Rescinded)

Interpretation No. 6-84
Records open to inspection under Section 4 (b)

Interpretation No. 7-86
Definition of "resident eligible voters" and how number is to be determined

Interpretation No. 8-94
Delegation of authority is given to the Reservation Business Committee

Interpretation No. 9-95
Rights of reservation voters to petition for a referendum (Rescinded)

Interpretation No. 10-96
Reaffirmation of positions that officials of the government of the United States do not possess any legal authority to interpret the Constitution of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Interpretation No. 11-09
Reinstate Interpretation 9-95

Interpretation No. 12-09
Clarification "Born to a member included"

Interpretation No. 13-09
Eligibility of candidate for. This a lesser crime under applicable law office

Interpretation No. 14-11
2/3 Provision of Article X, Section 2 of the revised Constitution and bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.

Interpretation No. 15-11
Article X Section 3 of the Revised Constitution and bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall be interpreted as requiring a majority vote of the members of a Reservation Business Committee to schedule recall election and all members, including the accused member, shall be permitted to vote

Liquor Ordinance April 24, 1974

Ordinance 2 Land Ordinance 3 October 22-23, 1980

Ordinance 4 Residential Treatment Center January 27-28, 1981

Ordinance 5 Minnesota State Tax June 7, 1979

Ordinance 6 Waiving Sovereign Immunity July 9-10, 1979

Ordinance 7 As an organization under the Internal Revenue Code November 30, 1979

Ordinance 8 Natural Resources Protection Amended April 28-29, 1981

Ordinance 9 Disenrollment January 25-26, 1983

Ordinance 10 Authority to license regulate and control Bingo and other gambling November 3, 1983

Ordinance 11 Authority to license gambling authorized by Minnesota November 3, 1983

Ordinance 12 Authority to license bingo cards and gambling devices January 25, 1984

Ordinance 13 Recognition of homes and other structures on trust land as personal property August 30, 1984

Ordinance 14 Soverign Immunity of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribal Housing Corporation August 30, 1984

Ordinance 15 Established Tribal Court April 29-30, 1985

Ordinance 16 Unlawful Detainer April 29-30, 1985

Ordinance 17 Indian Land Consolidation Act April 29-30, 1985

Ordinance 18 Outpatient Treatment Programs located on the reservations November 5, 1986

Ordinance 19 Chemical Dependency Treatment Licensing Ordinance amended February 8, 2017

Financial Controls and Investment Ordinance No 1 January 25, 2001

Probate Code Tribal Land Consolidation Ordinance January 25, 2001

Occupational Injury Benefit Ordinance March 27, 2003

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Enrollment Ordinance July 30, 2003

Election Ordinance 10 Amended November 5, 2013

Adult Day Services Center Licensing August 12, 2014

Ordinance Implementing Constitutional Petition and Censure Processes August 12, 2014


Memo to TEC Members from MCT Excutive Director Re Seperate Recognition of the list of Federally Recognized Tribes 05.31.16

MCT TEC Resolution 24-16 Passed 11.09.15 Attached to Memo to TEC Dated 05.31.16

Letter to Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs from BIA Regional Director Re Request for Waiver of Regulations at 25 CFR Part 81 received 06.06.16

Letter from the United States Department of the Interior to TEC President Deschampe recevied 09.20.05 with a copy of request for changes from MCT of 25 CFR 81

Letter from the United States Department of the Interior to TEC President Deschampe recevied 05.17.16

Letter from the United States Department of the Interior to Superintendent Minnesota Agency received 01.05.06

Letter from the MCT to BIA Regional Director dated 05.26.16 Request waiver of Portions of 25 CFR 81

All Reservation Tribal Councils/Reservation Business Committee Working Session dated 09.07.16